Artbridge is the link between two cultures, a real estate and a financial one, a French and an Anglo-Saxon one. It is the combination of two visions and two experiences that share common values. It is the meeting of two talents, driven by the same objectives: to maximise value creation and to offer a new model based on unique knowledge.

Artbridge Investments is an independent real estate operator established in 2020. It invests using equity capital from its reference shareholder FAL (Financière Alain Lellouche) and/or in partnership with international players (family offices, investment funds, etc.). The company’s activity is based on three guiding principles: integrity, excellence and aesthetics.


Our defining feature lies in our mastery of the components that structure a real estate transaction – the product and the financial structuring – and our ability to interact with all market players at each stage of an investment cycle.

Sourcing, acquisition, structuring, asset management, sales marketing and exit. Each phase is fully supervised and reported to our financial partners.

The entire process is always carried out in close collaboration and with complete transparency.


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    Design & sustainability

    As a responsible player, our vision of real estate is driven by the desire to create sustainable value for our partners, as well as for the city and for our buildings’ future users. Our aim is to determine the best possible use for an asset based on its location and characteristics.

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    Know-how and professionalism

    We aim at building and renovating timeless real estate assets thanks to a unique combination of skills. Our commitment to our partners and our success to their benefit rely upon our construction expertise and our rigorous investment structuring.

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    Passion & Aesthetics

    A sense of aesthetics, architectural ambition and the culture of excellence drive our strategy and guide our actions.